The Rental Checklist That You Should Know About

When you are thinking about moving into a new place and you have been hunting high and low for the perfect place, you just blindly sign up the contract. Maybe you have had the need to move because of work purposes, you got a new job that requires you to move. Or maybe you have had to relocate to another country altogether and need a place to live. Or maybe you have taken an extended holiday, something that you have been wanting to do for a long time. Whatever may be the reason, whenever you are renting out, you are surely going to be putting in a deposit, so you have to make sure you have seen to all the flaws that can be present in there and point it out before you move in. the best thing that you can do in this situation would be to actually document everything that you see, so that you can actually date everything and if the need arises you will have a dated proof that the damage was not of your doing.

So this means when you are thinking of Phuket long term rentals you have to do through inspection of the place, before you end up signing the contract. The thing that you have to keep an eye out for is the electrical appliances that come along with the house. For example the fridge and the oven where you will have to check out on any paint damage, any burnt out lights, and missing shelves and so on. Because these can be minor issues that you tend to ignore at first sight, but they may later pose a problem for you because you didn’t not think about reporting them initially and you will find yourself in trouble, because the landlord will be insisting that you are responsible for all the damage caused. Even if you are thinking about a rent condo Pattaya you shouldn’t take things lightly. You should have a close look at the cabinets and the floors for any signs of water damage.

Because this can be a real problem w=once you have moved in. so if you actually find any water damage you can demand that the landlord fixes it before you move in. even any problems with the walls, doors and bathroom should be reported immediately so that they can be fixed as soon as possible. This checklist becomes very important if you are thinking about renting out for long periods, because then you have the question of paying the landlord a deposit up front which will mean that any damage that occurs because of you then your deposit will not be returned.